About Us

The Don Ostendorf Center for Counseling - Promoting the Wellbeing of Northern California

Like our namesake (Officer Don Ostendorf) whose life has been committed to the safety and well being of our community’s young people, the Don Ostendorf Center for Counseling exists to promote the safety and well being of the members of our community.

Our counseling and support staff share one simple goal: building healthy, happy families and individuals throughout Northern California. We specialize in many areas of practice to see lives changed and families transformed. A few areas of practice are as follows.

Counseling Services



Family counseling is one of our office's specialties. We are devoted to the wellbeing of our families and children and can help you navigate the many difficulties that may arise.



Individual counseling includes a number of areas of practice, including substance abuse, addictions, dysfunctional behaviors, and more.We are dedicated to helping you find long-lasting hope and freedom.


Marriage and relational conflict can be difficult and emotionally draining, but we are committed to helping couples work through some of the most challenging marital struggles.